This is the part that we must tell you how great we are. The part where we must sell ourselves and impress you with our experience in areas like marketing strategy, consulting, content writing, innovative design, SEO, and website development. Give ourselves titles such as gurus or experts or specialists.

*Spoiler alert

We're not going to do that. What we'll do instead is tell you our story.


We're a bunch of people that have worked in marketing for decades, not because of need, but because of love. A love for building kick-ass digital brands. A love for telling stories. Stories that ooze passion and purpose.

We love other things as well - the sun, sports, chilling on the magnificent Cyprus beaches, the multi-cultural vibe of Limassol, cool gadgets, chipmunks and fireworks.

We dislike titles but if we had to give this a team one, it would be “lucky”. We're lucky to do what we love every single day. The words "work", "hobby" and "fun" are synonymous in our books.

We learn every day, not just to be on top of our game, but because we want to know more about the world we live in and what makes it spin. We probe into notions of psychology, physiology, society, data, technology, and marry it with our marketing. Cause what is marketing, if not a social science.

We listen, we care, we empathise. That's how we treat each client. We want to build lasting relationships, not big accounts. We want you to confide in us, not brief us. We want to make friends, before we become partners.

This is our story

It would be our pleasure to be a part of yours.


The way we see the world

We'll take you back to a time when the world was much simpler. A time where magic made sense and innocence was a virtue.

As children we loved magic. How could the bunny coming out of the magician's hat breathe? It was fascinating. It was jaw-dropping. It was head-scratching. As adults, we love to refute magic. To sprinkle it with cynicism. To look behind the curtain.

Not at Splendid.

At Splendid, we're bringing magic back.

In our world, you'll shake hands and sit in meetings with adults, but when we start working on our craft, that magic will always be let loose. Marketing is a science, yet there is no marketing without a spry instinct, a youthful impulse, a teenage mind. Don't mistake that for procrastination. Don't confuse that with too much pizzazz and no business.

Our goal is to create immersive marketing experiences; where there's more than just sprinkles, smoke screens and fairy dust. We are champions of immersive marketing, an art that unifies the audience with the main actor, the Brand. We create stories where the spectator is part of the performance and part of the plot. To each person a different cue, but to all a powerful brand experience.

Immersive marketing is driven by strategic and SEO planning, creative content writing, captivating design and innovative delivery. An experience where brand and magic come together as one, leaving the audience feeling that they 've just witnessed a “great show”.

Our Future

These are exciting times we are living in. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data aggregation and manipulation, reusable spacecraft, electric and autonomous mobility, sustainable technologies and so much more.

New tools, new approaches and exciting innovations that unfold every single day. These are the things that fascinate us. These are the topics we consume on a daily basis to keep our minds fresh.

We are individuals who are driven by the love of what we do.

We are driven by evolving marketing experiences through the use of technology.

By our very nature, we are driven, it's embedded in our DNA.

We are Splendid and we are Driven, by Design.

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