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Project Description

Branding A Cypriot Merchant Payments Leader. Merging The Past With The Future.

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The Brief

Vassilopoulos Group is one of the oldest and largest business groups on the island of Cyprus. With a 60+ year-long business success story, 35 business units, thousands of employees and spanning across 10 jurisdictions, the Group has become synonymous with success and excellence in the majority of sectors that it operates.

Payments are one of the main pillars of the Group’s activities and G.A.P. Card Processing Services had been around for many years. The brand, is on a route of expanding its market presence in the Cypriot merchant payments arena and was looking for a brand identity to drive this expansion.

With decades of FinTech branding experience and a portfolio of successful FinTech brand launches under our belt, Splendid was the apparent point of call when it came to overcoming these obstacles. Our more recent successful launches in the payments space entailed disruptive brands like verv and BigWallet; the Vassilopoulos Group entrusted us with overhauling their merchant payments product.

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The Process

For starters and following some field work and focus groups, it soon became apparent that the existing brand name had to be re-invented. “G.A.P. Card Payment services” seemed a tongue twister and very hard for the audience to recollect. As such, a new brand needed to be born.

The name Vassilopoulos has become synonymous over the decades as one which delivers absolute excellence in the sectors it’s involved in, primarily in its local Cypriot market. After a series of brainstorming, head-scratching and ultimately focus group testing, it was decided that the brand Vpayments should be adopted.

A brand that delivers a wide range of merchant payment services, including merchant acquiring, payment gateways and POS terminals. In light of new EU regulations, applicable nationwide in Cyprus by October 2022; all physical operations needed to possess at least one POS device. As such, market growth potential was massive, so we needed to act quickly!


The Delivery

A new, fresh and lively brand was delivered within a span of a couple of weeks and guidelines were issued for the proper use of the brand assets in a variety of contextual applications. These were actioned in record time and now the brand enjoys an incredibly wide placement nationwide.

You may now come across the Vpayments POS terminals and user endpoints in thousands of locations across Cyprus. The brand has now secured a very dominant market position and is set to expand even more in the near future.


The Future

Merging a rich business history in multiple sectors, with a brand that will drive the future of Merchant Payments in Cyprus


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