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It’s World Coffee Day! Which for us, as a marketing agency headquartered on the gorgeous island of Cyprus, might as well be a national holiday.

Cyprus is well known for its beautiful beaches, heavenly halloumi, and wonderfully friendly people; people whose social lives notoriously revolve around the sacred ritual of grabbing a frappe with friends. 

From the pappous at the kafeneion to the teens at Starbucks, coffee is a central part of our social lives. 

It’s also an integral part of our professional lives.

And no, that’s not just because we’re all caffeine addicts forever in pursuit of our next fix. 

It’s because there are many proven health benefits that come from enjoying this glorious beverage.

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According to Healthline, caffeine improves several aspects of brain function.

From memory and mood to energy levels and reaction times, the neurotransmitters that coffee stimulates are all essential for that drive and creativity we marketers rely on. 

No wonder we can’t have a meeting without it!

So, in celebration of World Coffee Day (a holy day, if you ask us) the Splendid team is here to give you the skinny on the best coffee joints in our beautiful city.

1. Mugs Coffee Bar – the Developer’s Pick

“A mug of coffee has never tasted so good.” – Andreas, Splendid Developer

Located on Agias Fylaxeos in Limassol, this coffee house provides coziness in a cup. Perfectly situated in the heart of town, MUGS is the ideal spot for a quick business meeting over lunch. This place is guaranteed to hit the spot with its delicious coffees, nutritious smoothies, and tasty snacks (we recommend the muffins!)

2. Nomad – the Social Media Guru Pick

“Addicted to both the Nomad Coffee and the Nomad sandwiches. In one word… YUM!” – Anastasia, Splendid Social Media Manager 

Nomad is most known for its use of Underdog Coffee, a multi-award-winning roaster all the way from Greece. Popular for its incredible sourdough bread bakery and delicious sandwiches (the mushroom aubergine in charcoal bread is out of this world!)  this insta-ready Limassol cafe will deliver on every level: flavor, service, and variety! (PS: the pastries and desserts are divine too)

3.  Uluwatu – the Content Manager’s Pick

“I love the iced latte, the homemade ice creams and the kick-ass sound system” – Antonis, Splendid Content Manager

For the coffee addicts with a sweet tooth, this place is a must-try! Uluwatu ships its freshly roasted coffee all the way from London’s Square Mile Coffee Roasters. And the choice of accompanying artisanal snacks is endless! From homemade granola bowls, sandwiches, and ice creams to waffles, croissants, and more, the gourmand in you will not leave disappointed!

4. Ipanema – the Designer’s Pick

“Coffee is my drug, so trust me when I say that Ipanema has the best freddo espresso in town!” – Andreas, Splendid Designer
Kawakom’s Ipanema boasts one of the largest coffee menus in the city. From filter coffees and flavored lattes to White Passion frappucinos and traditional Cyprus coffee, this place has it all! And for all you coffee puritans out there, you heard it here first – best freddo espresso you’ll try!

5. Tribe Coffee Roasters – the CEO’s pick

“From premium roasts to limited edition and seasonal roasts… These guys know their coffee very well.” – Daniel, Splendid CEO

Located in Mesa Geitonia Limassol, Tribe is ideal for coffee lovers interested in ethically sourced coffee beans from some of the finest farmers in the world. Tribe roasts the green beans to perfection, serving them up in a wide variety of blends, including their own signature in-house concoctions. A real treat for true coffee enthusiasts with seasoned palates and an insatiable curiosity to explore!

So now that you have an extensive list of some of the best coffee houses in the city, gather the gang! It’s time to switch up your coffee routine, try something new, and discover your own personal favorites.

And we can’t guarantee it, but something tells us you’ll be feeling extra inspired the next time you step into a brainstorming session with the team.

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